#BoardrBoys in Nanjing, China

We're here to run the Vert World Championships and go on tourist missions.

Copenhagen Open: Let's Go Back

Staff Photographer Chaz Miley brings us back to the best week in skateboarding.

VPS Americas Continental Championships

Patrick Ryan and Dora Varella lead the pack at this stop.

The Boardr Am at Huntington Beach

The second stop of The Boardr Am is in the books.

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Traffic Premiere of 'Look Left' at HQ

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Vert World Championships in Nanjing, China

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Upcoming Events

Vans Park Series World Championships at Shanghai

September 23, 2017, Shanghai, China

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The Boardr Am at Los Angeles

September 23, 2017, Los Angeles, California

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Empire Am Getting Paid - The Boardr Am Finals

September 28 - 30, 2017, Montreal, Canada

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Skaters We Back

We back our favorite skaters by carrying their signature stuff and the brands they work with in The Boardr Store.

Boo Johnson Products in Stock Now

Boo Johnson

We've been around Boo since he was little kid coming to our am contests. One of our most memorable moments from those early days is when he dropped the hardflip back smith down the rail on us at a Best Trick Contest. From there it's been nothing but up for Boo, who grew into one of today's most powerful and stylish skateboarders.

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Mark Gonzales Products in Stock Now

Mark Gonzales

Mark is the textbook definition of legendary. He is in his own world that no one can touch. All we can do is watch from the outside and soak in the entertainment and awe. Skateboarding is lucky to have Mark and we are lucky to be alive in his era.

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Ishod Wair Products in Stock Now

Ishod Wair

Ishod is the Michael Jordan of skateboarding. He was Thrasher Magazine's Skater of the Year at the beginning of his career and it's been all hammers since. From the early days of when we used to see him skate our events, to today seeing him win our events, it was obvious very early on that Ishod was very special.

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Zion Wright Products in Stock Now

Zion Wright

Originally from Jupiter, Florida, Zion Wright is part of the new breed of skateboarding's ATVs. After getting his first skateboard when he was four-years old, he soon began winning local contests. With his infectious personality, constant smile, and unwavering support from his father, it didn’t take long for him to get noticed beyond Jupiter. Zion is one of the few skaters that can win a high-profile contest like PHX Am and also be a Tour Pro in the Vans Park Series…no other skater has accomplished that. When he isn't skating with SOTY’s Ishod and Kyle Walker, Zion enjoys surfing, sushi, and quality time with friends and family.

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Brighton Zeuner Products in Stock Now

Brighton Zeuner

Before becoming a teenager, Brighton earned the title of World Champion at the Vans Park Series in Malmo in 2016. She completes the package of "amazing skateboarder" with a glowing personality and energy she brings with her. Brighton is another one of those special young skateboarders that makes you smile about the future of skateboarding.

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Cory Juneau Products in Stock Now

Cory Juneau

At one point not too long ago, Cory was the little kid with little kid long hair doing little kid high airs. That seems like a distant memory now that he's grown up and one of the favorites to watch in bowl and park terrain skating. Watch for him on the podium at Vans Park Series and other top pro contests.

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